How long are the sessions?

Typically, sessions last approximately 60 minutes for your evaluation and for your follow up treatments.  If you need more treatment time to address your unique needs we will schedule ahead to accommodate for this. The extension of treatment time is mutually determined ahead of time.

What do I wear for the sessions?

Wear loose fitting clothing with elastic waist band and loose top.

Why do you often treat the entire body even if the symptoms are just in one location?

It is essential to take your entire body into consideration because of the anatomical interconnections of the fascial system. A restriction from a distant region can travel along the fascial connections thereby contributing to your symptoms. Likewise, an injury in one location acts like a domino effect to feed into other regions of the body, becoming an obstacle to your complete healing process. A Total Body Approach is one of the hallmarks of our unique approach to pain or dysfunction.

If I have health insurance that will cover for services out of network, will you do the billing for me?

No, it is Rowe Physical Therapy’s payment policy to have you pay at the time of treatment. You will receive a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement. You are responsible to find out what your benefits are, if you need an MD referral, and if you need prior authorization. We will help you through this process, as needed.

Do you accept credit card payments?

We accept cash and checks at the time of each treatment. No credit card payments accepted.

Do I need a referral from my physician to be treated?

Massachusetts law allows for direct access to PT, so we do not need a physician’s referral for treatment. Some insurance companies require an MD referral or MD signature for Plan of Care. We suggest you call your insurance company prior to treatment to ask about your benefits and what is needed for reimbursement.

Will you communicate with my physician?

Upon your request, or with your approval, Cindy will communicate (written or verbally) with your physician regarding assessment and progress, as needed.

If I have a chronic long term problem, will you treat me for however long it takes to get better and to assist in achieving optimal health?

Cindy is committed to working with you for however long is needed to achieve pre-set mutual goals. She cares about what is truly in your best interest to attain optimal health and wellbeing and proceeds with her medical judgment based on her vast knowledge and experience. She is committed to achieving the mutual goals with the highest standard of quality care, without compromise.

What if my insurance benefits only cover a minimal number of treatments, but I need more? Can you still continue to treat me?

Your insurance benefits are not always an indicator of medical necessity. Frequently, insurance companies have an arbitrary cut off for number of visits which does not reflect your need or best interest. Because insurance companies often define medical necessity with unrealistic and stringent criteria, we encourage you to recognize your own health needs independent of your insurance company’s determination.

If you have any questions regarding your unique situation or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by either calling 617-512-9382 or emailing us at info@RowePT.com