couple-on-mountain-300x198Rowe Physical Therapy is a fee-for-service practice that allows Cindy the freedom and flexibility to focus solely on what’s in your best interest and to provide the true quality care that has contributed to a successful and exceptional practice for over 30 years.

It is an unfortunate reality that insurance companies, as a third party, frequently interfere with optimal patient treatment. If a Provider is subject to any signed insurance contract, he or she must comply with its many stringent rules, regulations and limitations.

Cindy’s holistic Integrative Manual Therapy Approach continues to be the hallmark of Rowe Physical Therapy. Evaluations and treatments are individualized for your unique needs and with your best interest in mind, first and foremost. As a fee for service Provider, Cindy is able to give of herself to each and every one of her patients with her hands and her heart, without any compromises that are invariably imposed by insurance companies.

iStock_000017480640XSmall1-300x199At each visit, upon request, you will receive a receipt with the procedure codes necessary for reimbursement from your Insurance Company, Health Care Savings Account (HSA), and/or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). It is up to you to find out what your insurance P.T. coverage is and if you need prior authorization. We will help you through this process, as needed.

If you have any questions regarding your unique situation or to schedule an appointment, please contact us by either calling 617-512-9382 or emailing us at