Treatment Philosophy

Rowe Physical Therapy has a Treatment Philosophy that is simple:


  • In a safe and nurturing environment our emphasis is a healing and recovery approach that provides true quality care with healing hands and caring heart.
  • We take into consideration not just the body, but mind and spirit, too. The body has the incredible ability to heal itself, but often needs expertise for the removal of structural obstacles (and sometimes emotional), that may interfere with the natural healing process.
  • We deliver a unique and specialized Total Body Approach while always keeping our patient’s best interest first and foremost. Insurance companies and managed care do not dictate how we conduct our treatments, as we make no compromise to our reputable quality care.

quote“Your body wants to be healthy and its ability to heal itself is remarkable. The question is, are you giving your body the opportunity to do so?”

Andrew Weil, M.D.
Director of The Integrative Therapy Program at the University of Arizona

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